Halabja anniversary conference
Posted by sarkout on April 20 2009 14:54:06
Halabja anniversary conference

CHAK: You are warmly invited to this memorial conference in the UK parliament on:
Chemical Warfare and Genocide : What relevance has International Law to Claims for Reparations?
In the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons, London
at 6.15 p.m. on Tuesday, 10th March

(Also in another committee room (tbc) in the afternoon of the same day)


Andrew George MP

Hywel Williams MP


1 "Voices from Halabja": witnessess of the 1988 chemical attack as well as relatives of the victims

2 Professor Michael Kelly, Creighton University, Nebraska,author of "The ghosts of Halabja"

3 Professor Raymond Bucko (Anthropologist) of Tartan University San Fransisco

4 Dr. Aitor Esteban of the University in Bilbao (a PNV member of the Spanish Parliament in Madrid).

5 Jordi Xucla, leader of the CIU Party of Catalonia

6 Professor Cliff Snaith of Metropolitan University

7 Stephen Thomas of the United Nations Association Wales on the UN Chemical Weapons Convention

8 Ali Rahimi on the gassing of Sardasht, Iran in 1987

9 A speaker on Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange

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