Fighting the Holocaust Deniers on Yom Hashoah
Posted by sarkout on May 31 2009 18:13:41
Fighting the Holocaust Deniers on Yom Hashoah


Watch Rabbi Hier's video -
Part I & Part II
Community leaders, government officials, human rights activists and Holocaust survivors gathered at the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Yom Hashoah where SWC dean and founder Rabbi Marvin Hier told the crowd, "To the President of Iran, we say this – you’re not the first to attempt to destroy us. We’ve met up with your ancestors many times in our 3,500 year history – we were burned at stakes, persecuted in Crusades, force baptized in Inquisitions, robbed and pillaged in pogroms, gassed in crematoria - even in your land, in ancient Persia, Haman plotted to destroy us – but we survived all of them – depositing them in the dust bins of history as we shall survive you, undeterred and committed to building a civilization based on tolerance and human dignity, a civilization worthy of passing on to our children and grandchildren." … watch the video (Part I and Part II) or read Rabbi Hier’s entire speech delivered on Yom Hashoah.

An Iranian follower of President Ahmadinejad who earlier verbally abused Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel inside UN Headquarters screaming "Zio-Nazi, Zio-Nazi" - view video

Pens handed out free-of-charge by Iranian activists at the UN Durban II anti-racism conference.

Experts on Iranian terrorism, global anti-Semitism and digital hate were brought together by the Wiesenthal Center for a program held at UN headquarters and co-sponsored with two other non-Jewish NGOs. The attendees included a contingent of survivors from the Rwandan genocide, human rights activists from South Asia and Africa and 30 Iranians who were part of the delegation supporting Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Those attending the filled-to-capacity program, were asked by Yale University’s Dr. Charles Small to rise in silent solidarity with the victims of the Shoah. Virtually everyone in attendance did, including the majority of the Iranian delegation with one notable exception: one of the four virulently anti-Zionist Netura Karta Rabbis who remained seated.

The Center also held Yom Hashoah programs in New York and Toronto.
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