Dear all,
Posted by sarkout on May 31 2009 18:21:14
Dear all,

On 24 April 2009, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) received news that ICC Judge Fumiko Saiga had died after a short, but serious illness.

“I would like to express the sincere condolences of the Coalition for the ICC on the death of Judge Saiga,” said CICC Convenor William Pace. “We express our sympathy to her family, to the government and people of Japan, as well as to the judges and all at the ICC with whom she worked. She was an important representative for Japan, Asia and women at the ICC, the highest international criminal tribunal in the world,” Pace added.

Judge Saiga was reelected to the ICC in January, and sworn in for a nine-year term on 11 March 2009.

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