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The Turkish and the US Governments, Share crimes, atrocities and genocide that
The Turkish and the US Governments, Share crimes, atrocities and genocide that Committed against the Kurdish People in Turkey in 1990, and at present

PART -2-.

Hillary Clintons ties to anti-American Turks and the double standard Policy of Her Husband!!
I strongly believe that there is no difference between Bill Clintonís Administration in the past and his wife Hillary Clintonís election policy, because the former president supported the Turkish Government by destroying the Kurdish villages in North of Kurdistan in 1990. His wife also, repeats her husbandís mistake as well, and supports anti-Armenian and anti-Kurds projects in United States of America. It is very obvious that the former president Bill Clinton again shows his double standard policy, and his past mistakes, against the Kurds and the other nationalities.
America has been arming the third world countries for a long period of time, and then watching their arms be used against each other and the US soldiers. For instance the Taliban weapons have been used against American soldiers were largely made in the US to defeat the former Soviet Union invasion. Saddam's arms were given by the US to support Iraq in its 8 years of war against Iran.
The US policy in the Middle East always has a double standard policy, just for its own benefit, because the policy which has been used was not planned to serve humanity. So, thatís why it always reflects up on them. For instance, in 1980s, the US gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to gas and genocide the Kurds. Then, the US gave the Kurds arms, in order to rise up against the former executed dictator Saddam Hussain. But unfortunately, the current US administration is supplying the Turkish army intelligence, money and weapons to murder the Kurdish people.
The former president Bill Clinton said; ďthe Turks and the Kurds are the only people in the Middle East who seem to be able to tolerate Americans, and now they are in a slowly escalating war with each other.ĒWe don't want that". If this is the case! Why did the former USA president Bill Clinton support the Turkish Army in 1990 to destroy 4000 Kurdish villages in Turkey? In addition to that, in March 1995, 35,000 Turkish soldiers attacked northern Iraq, and used the US imposed "No Fly Zone" as safeguard for its jet fighters. The Turkish military in its campaign and hostile fire wiped out dozens of Kurdish villages and murder tens of thousands of Kurds.
Turkish military used Pentagon supplied weapons to assault the Kurds in the latest attack, and the Kurdish rebels used US bombs, and other US weapons to blow up the Turkish military convoy. The US supplies arms to two "friendly nations" at the same time to fight each other! But, the Turkish Racist Generals never learn from their mistakes, and acting in undemocratic ways against their own people, and the other minority groups.
Hillary Clinton has employed Mehmet Celebi, a Turkish ultra-nationalist, who has worked on and collected money for many anti-American, anti-Armenian, anti-Semitic and anti-Kurdish projects. He is one of her delegates for her campaign for President of the United States. I believe that she should support the Kurdish and Armenian issues, and should not work against the Armenian Genocide, which millions of Armenians were murdered in 1915, and the Kurdish genocide in 1990 in North Kurdistan, which is Eastern Turkey. Hiring a Turk, means she supports racism indirectly against her own citizens in USA. She knows very well what happened to the Armenians in 1915 by the Turkish Empire. She also knows about the Kurdish massacre among the civilians in 1990, during her husbandís presidency and in the past. Why does history have to repeat itself over and over? She should not have ignored the rights of more than 25 million Kurds in Turkey, and work against their project. What about Armenians? In her election campaign she should have supported those projects which enhance the Human Rights Issues and do not support the Turkish State of Terror (cited in Kurdishmedia, 2008).
In 2007, just before Christmas, the Turkish warplanes (F-16s made in the USA), and helicopter gunships bombed 200 Kurdish targets in northern Iraq, killing 150 people, then after that dozens of Turkish soldiers were blown up by a large group of Kurdish fighters. Last year 60,000 Turkish troops were massing on the border for a land invasion of "KurdistanĒ. The bombings still continue until today, and the harassment by the Turkish military has not stopped yet against South and the North parts of Kurdistan. The US current policy towards the Kurds in Turkey is not that healthy.
The Washington Post had written this headline, the US, "HELPS TURKEY HIT KURDS IN IRAQ" by providing real time intelligence to the Turkish military. But in the past, the US Government has warned the Turkish Government not to attack Iraq, as this would get in the way with our invasion of Iraq, but the Turkish Gendarmes ignore the US warns.
Unfortunately, even today in the 21st century the USís current policy has not recognised the rights of more than 25 million Kurds who live in Turkey. This is a formal statement from the US Government; the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in Kuwait, that she's satisfied with collaboration between Iraq and Turkey toward fighting Kurdish PKK fighters on Iraqi land. Rice continued in her speech and stated that everyone is "concerned that Iraq not be a place that can be a haven for terrorists to attack Turkey." She says "cooperation is producing some results there."
In addition to that, Rice also calls the Turkey's Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, "an enemy of stability and therefore an enemy of Iraq, Turkey and the United States."
I want to ask the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Why do you think the PKK is an enemy of the United State of America? They never fought American troops, like Hamas does, which they are against the American and Israeli interests in the Middle East But your Government still enforces Israel to grant more rights to Palestinian people and to establish a state for the Palestinian people including their representatives like Hamas and PLO. Even according to the history, the Arabs never had a state in Israel in the past, and the Arabs are occupiers like the Turks in Kurdistan, but you ignoring the rights of 25 million indigenous Kurds in Turkey. What do you call this policy? Is it a double standard policy or hypocrisy? Donít you think itís your duty as a Foreign Secretary of a huge country like, United States to ask the Turkish Government to grant Kurdish rights, enhance democracy in Turkey instead of dictatorial and to establish a Kurdish State next to the Turkish State?
There is a Kurdish proverb which says one roof with two climates. As the Kurdish proverb says, "the US supports the Turks on one side, and on the other side calls the Kurds the best ally of the United States." If this is true! Why has America turned on the green traffic lights for the Turkish F-16s war planes to bombard Kurdistan? Which friend could America support? The one fights with its troops in the front line hand in hand, or the one creates more problems for American Administration, abuses human rights and uses an excuse to occupy somebody else homeland. The one that, its own country was occupied by the Turkish tyrant and its people have been suffering under the control of the Turks for many centuries. Or, to support the Turkish occupier, that has changed the Kurdish generation to the Turks, and banned their mother language, and still continues, and applies its own discriminatory, tactics, policy and constitution against the Kurds and all other nationalities that lived in Turkey thousands of years before the Turkish occupation. American government should never support the Turkish Government not now, and not in the future, because this Government and the previous Governments are guilty of murdering tens of thousands of civilians, removed millions of Kurdish people in their homes, and made them homeless. I believe the humanity should not tolerate these criminals! Do you call this a friend or a nightmare?
In a conference leadership, Hillary Clinton made headlines in the biggest newspaper in Turkey with her mildest of answers about the Kurds, and called the Kurds the close US allies. This is true, and on the other hand, Kurds try to implement democracy in Iraq, which eventually, will have an impact on the whole Middle Eastern Countries. This is enormous news and a great victory for the successfulness of the Gorge Bushís Great Policy in Iraq in particular, and in the Middle East in general. Itís true that The Turks, most loyal Muslim allies for US, for instance arms, and weapons that the US needed in the past to attack Saddam Hussein to liberate Iraq from the tyrant Saddam, came through Turkey. Itís ok. But at the same time the Turkish Government especially AK Muslim Party works against democracy in Turkey, and in the Middle East in general, for instance, so many Kurds were killed by Turkish troops in recent year in Diyarbakir, and in the other Kurdish cities, while people were celebrating the Kurdish New-Year (Newroz). The Turkish Secret Police and uniformed police started to beat women, young people, and children. So, the Turks did not let them celebrate the day peacefully. (Newroz) is the most important day culturally, historically, spiritually and it was inherited and passed through so many Kurdish generations and millions have scarified their lives in this regard and for this Sacred and Holy day. The important of Newroz and fire have lasted for thousands of years, because they are symbols of the Kurdish nation. They mean everything to the Kurds, and they are a huge victory and symbols of struggles against our oppressors and occupiers of our Homeland. The Turkish Army and secret police need to respect this great and important culture. This is the Noahís and the Zoroastrian culture. The Turks have to respect that and respect the cultures and the heritage of the other nations that live in Anatolia. They need to learn the language of peace instead of an aggressive language, and bad behaviour towards other nations. Is this the best US alley or this is the enemy of the United States, peace, and the entire world?
I believe this is not entirely a surprise, when we know that the Clinton Administration was one of the most supporters of the Turkish Government among the other U.S. administrations in the past. Bill Clintons Administration provided, and donated more military arms, weapons and training needs to Turkey, than all the other U.S. presidents in the past. (Cited in Kurdishmedia, 2008). I hope that Hillary Clinton is not going to support anti-Kurd and anti-Armenian by employing more Turkish in that regard in order to make obstacles against Human Rights.
Author: Dana Berzinjy
Venue: Australia Date: 03.05.2008

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